Gotcha! The Shocking $20+ Parking Exit Fee for Some Maui Car Rentals

illustration of chaotic parking lot at the maui airport

The issue of renting private cars from the Maui airport parking lot through services like Turo and other providers has become a significant concern. This practice often involves leaving the rental car with the keys in a lockbox, and renters may need to pay a parking fee to exit the lot. The State of Hawaii, along with Maui Police, is actively working to curb these unpermitted peer-to-peer car rental operations at Kahului Airport. The concern stems from both the illegal use of the airport parking lot for commercial activities without proper permits and the associated risks, such as increased vehicle thefts and reduced parking availability for other travelers.

State DOT spokesman Jai Cunningham said, “police and the airport security team are trying to increase awareness that it is illegal to conduct commercial business at the airport”

Hawaii State Department of Transportation. (2024). State Cracking Down on Illegal Car Rentals at Airport. Maui News.

The prevalence of these practices has led to numerous car thefts, as vehicles are left with visible lockboxes or unlocked, making them easy targets. Furthermore, these unauthorized rentals occupy parking spaces that other airport patrons could use, exacerbating congestion and availability issues.

Renters should be concerned about this practice because, aside from contributing to illegal activities, they might face unpredictability in terms of car availability, potential fines, and the inconvenience of dealing with vehicles not stored at officially sanctioned rental facilities. Moreover, engaging in such rentals might lead to complications with insurance and liability if the vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident.

lock box on rental car

Efforts are underway to regulate and provide clearer guidelines for car-sharing at airports to ensure compliance with state laws and to maintain order and safety at transportation hubs. For renters, it is advisable to use authorized car rental services that comply with airport regulations to avoid these issues.

For a more detailed reading on the crackdown and the issues caused by these practices, visit reports from Maui News and Maui Now.

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