Aloha and welcome! We understand that you are in search of information about Maui Airport Shuttle Service at Kahului Airport (OGG). You’ve made a great choice in choosing to visit the stunning island of Maui, and we are here to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about your transportation options at the airport.

Current Status of Shuttle Services

In the past, rental car shuttles used to be the go-to solution for getting to and from the Kahului Airport to your desired car rental agency. However, as of now, the traditional shuttle services for rental cars at the Maui Airport have been replaced.

Shuttles are no longer needed at the Maui Airport

In a move aimed at providing a more streamlined, convenient, and eco-friendly option, Kahului Airport introduced the new and improved tram service, which effectively caters to rental car transportation. This move has allowed for a more efficient transit system that benefits the environment and improves the overall experience for travelers.

Taking the Tram

The airport tram system is a clean, efficient, and convenient way to get you to your car rental agency. The tram departs directly from the terminals and brings you to the consolidated rental car facility, often called “ConRAC.” All major car rental agencies have desks here, so it’s your one-stop shop for picking up your vehicle.

The tram service operates round the clock, ensuring that you can always catch a ride no matter what time your flight lands or takes off. The trams are also disability-friendly, allowing easy access for travelers with mobility concerns. Additionally, they have generous luggage space, so you’ll have no trouble with those extra souvenirs you may pick up during your Maui adventures!

Where to Find the Tram

Upon landing at Kahului Airport, follow the signs for the car rental tram. These clear and frequent signs will guide you to the tram station, ensuring a hassle-free experience. For departure, the process is just as simple. Return your rental car to the Maui Airport ConRAC, and the tram will swiftly transport you back to the airport terminals.

Why the Change?

The decision to move from shuttles to trams was not taken lightly. Considering the environmental footprint and the increasing visitor numbers to Maui, the trams offer a more sustainable and efficient way of moving people. Trams run on electric power, reducing carbon emissions, and their higher passenger capacity means fewer trips are needed, reducing congestion.

While some may miss the shuttle buses’ charm of yesteryear, the introduction of the tram service marks an important step towards greener, more efficient travel in Maui.

In the spirit of the Aloha State, we extend our warmest welcome and wish you a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you’re here to explore our luscious rainforests, relax on our golden beaches, or surf on our famous waves, we’re thrilled to facilitate your Maui adventure right from the moment you step off the plane.

So remember, when you land at the Maui Kahului Airport, look for the tram service that takes you straight to your car rental agency. It’s fast, efficient, and part of our commitment to ensuring that your visit to Maui is nothing short of unforgettable. Enjoy your stay!