Why do you specialize in Maui Car Rentals?

MauiCarRental.com was formed to give our viewers the best prices on Maui car rentals. In order to do this, we have negotiated rates with companies on the island. Being specific to Maui has given us the upper hand in negotiating lower prices.

I’ve heard there are long lines to pick-up rental cars. What should I do?

Due to staff shortages, our car rental company partners often have long lineups. When your flight lands, you may want to send the main driver off to pick up the vehicle while the rest wait for the luggage.

Why would you ever refer me to another agency?

If we can’t get you the lowest rate for a specific vehicle or time, we’ll refer you to a competitor through a link. Our first concern is getting you the lowest rate on your car.

What locations do you serve?

We have found the best prices for any car rental within Maui County at the OGG Maui Airport or at an off-airport location in Maui. That includes our neighboring island of Molokai. You can also use our Online Search Engine to find car rentals anywhere in the country. Check us first, then see if you can find a better price anywhere else.

What is your cancellation policy?

We never charge for cancellations, in fact, you may help another customer by freeing up the car you reserved. Cancel or change your Discount Maui Car Rental reservation.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Maui?

Renters under 25 (20-24) can rent from a wide variety of car classes, from compact cars to SUVs with a valid driver’s license and a credit card. Some companies such as Avis will only rent to those who are 25 years old and above. Other providers charge a daily young driver fee of ̶$̶2̶0̶-̶$̶2̶7̶/̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶ plus taxes. But wait, we have negotiated a discounted young driver fee; saving you up to $20/day. The only limitation would be availability and/or location.

Why would I rent through you if I’m visiting many islands?

You need to reserve separately per island you visit. Come to us for your Maui car rental to get the best price while in Maui. We have a partner that offers great prices on the other Hawaiian islands. Visit Aloha Rents Discount Hawaii Car Rental for rentals on the other Hawaiian Islands.

Can I rent an automatic transmission?

Each and every Car or Jeep we rent is automatic.

Do both drivers have to sign in order to drive?

Any additional drivers must sign the agreement before taking the car.

I need a child safety seat. Do all companies offer them?

Enterprise is the only company that does not offer a child safety seat. The other companies will let you rent one on-site.

Are there any restrictions as to where on Maui I can drive?

You may not drive your vehicle off-road. Most everywhere you go on Maui is paved. The only exceptions are when you travel deep into and past the town of Hana on some dirt roads, but you won’t need to go to these places unless you have family or friends that live there. Most of these roads are mild too unless it’s been raining. The backside of Haleakala is also forbidden but locals still use it to drive back around the island after visiting Hana.

Do I need to purchase insurance?

No. Insurance is only added to your rental if you request it. Most people find that their current insurance providers will cover them while renting a car in Maui. Some credit card companies also offer coverage for free. Be sure to look into this before you travel to Maui.

Where do I pick up my car at the airport?

The car rental companies are now located in the Car Rental Center. Simply use the crosswalk as you leave the Kahului baggage claim area. Walk across the street and then hop on the 4-minute trolley ride to the Car Rental Center. You’ll be set up with a car, or directed towards the exit.

Will all Maui rental companies accept Debit cards?

Yes, so long as the card has major credit card company logos on it.

May I smoke cigarettes in my rental car?

You may not smoke in Avis, Budget, Dollar, Payless, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, and Thrifty car rentals. Some other providers may offer vehicles to smoke in. You’ll need to search the internet to find such companies.

What is the best car type to rent in Maui?

We offer a multitude of car rentals in Maui. Should I rent a convertible in Maui? Everything from SUVs to economy to convertibles. What is the best car type to rent in Maui?

Can I drive your rental cars on the Road to Hana?

You certainly can, and we’d recommend you do exactly that. Learn more about driving the Road to Hana.

Is it easy to take the top down on a convertible rental?

The convertibles tops are automatic and simple to operate.  There is a handle/latch on the roof that locks/unlocks the roof and a button that operates the up and down of the roof.  Turn the handle, hold the button, that’s it. More

Can I get a month-long Maui discount car rental?

Yes, longer-term Maui car rentals are popular with renters staying for an extended length of time and allow some days where you are only paying the taxes on the rental. However, some car rental companies will split up longer-term rentals of over 60 days at the counter and may expect you to drop off and exchange a car if it is a much longer rental so the vehicle can get receive its regular maintenance.

I’m the primary contact on a car rental, can one of my other drivers drop the car off instead of me?
And if they do, is it possible to charge the card on file?

As long as your additional driver has been added to rental by the car company, then yes they can return the vehicle. 

The charges will still go onto the card that was presented at pickup.

The person returning the vehicle just has to make sure the rental is full with fuel (keep the gas receipt in case they want to see it).  They just return the car and then get onto the shuttle back to the terminal, they don’t have to go into the car rental office at all. 

Can I bring a luggage cart on the airport trolley to the car rental center?

Yes, the rental car tram does allow space for luggage and passengers.