Mustang convertible rental parked on the island of Maui
Mustang Convertible Parked on the beach on Maui

With the flip of the switch, our Mustang Convertible Rentals retracts and stores its quickly removable top. This is a wonderful option for those who have never driven a convertible. With the top retracted you can now enjoy the Island trade winds and tropical sunshine. If you decide to rent a Ford Mustang convertible you’ll be taking the wheel of a classic car. In addition, you’ll get a sporty and spirited ride for your Maui excursions. So, to answer the question, should I rent a convertible in Maui, the answer is a resounding yes!

Check rates and rent a Maui convertible for your next vacation.

Happy convertible rental customer on Maui

How do I retract the top on my convertible rental on Maui?

How to retract convertible roof on a Maui rental car
Ford Mustang convertible rental
Color selection of Mustang convertibles
Mustang convertible rentals come in many colors
Interior of the new Mustang convertible on Maui
Interior of a new Mustang convertible on Maui