Essential Maui Packing List

Person packing for trip to Maui

Aloha travelers! If you’re planning your dream vacation to the beautiful island of Maui, you’re in the right place. With its lush green landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant local culture, there’s something in Maui for everyone to enjoy.

With so much to see and do, it’s essential to pack smart for your Maui adventure. This article will provide a comprehensive packing list to ensure you have everything you need for your trip. So, let’s jump right in!

Clothing for Maui

Maui’s tropical weather is consistent, with temperatures typically ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. However, if you’re venturing up to the Haleakala Crater or into Iao Valley, where it tends to be cooler and wetter, layers are key.

  1. Swimwear: This is a no-brainer! With Maui’s idyllic beaches and warm waters, you’ll want at least two swimsuits, so you always have a dry one ready.
  2. Cover-ups: Light cover-ups are perfect for transitioning from the beach to a café or shop.
  3. Lightweight clothing: Bring shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, and skirts for the warm weather.
  4. Long pants and light sweaters: These are great for cooler evenings or if you’re planning a trip up Haleakala.
  5. Rain Jacket: It’s tropical weather, so expect occasional showers!


Depending on the activities you plan to do, your footwear choices may vary.

  1. Flip flops: Ideal for the beach and everyday wear.
  2. Water shoes: Essential if you’re planning on exploring Maui’s rockier beaches or taking a snorkeling trip.
  3. Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers: If you’re planning on exploring Maui’s lush hiking trails, these are a must.


  1. Sunglasses & Hat: Protect your eyes and skin from the strong sun.
  2. Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is essential. Plus, it’s a more environmentally friendly choice.
  3. Snorkeling Gear: If you plan on snorkeling but don’t want to rent, bring your gear.
  4. Beach Bag: For carrying your essentials during beach outings.

Carry-on Essentials

  1. Travel documents: Don’t forget your ID, driver’s license (if planning on renting a car), and travel insurance details.
  2. Snacks: Because no one likes to travel hungry!
  3. Entertainment: Whether it’s a good book, downloaded movies, or music, ensure you have something to keep you entertained on your flight.

Don’t Forget!

  1. Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun. Remember to get a reef-safe sunscreen to help protect Maui’s coral reefs.
  2. Insect repellent: Because nothing ruins a vacation faster than bug bites.
  3. First-aid kit: Always be prepared!
  4. Reusable grocery bags: Maui banned plastic bags, so bring your own for grocery shopping.

We hope this packing list for Maui will help you pack efficiently for your trip and save you from any last-minute stress. Remember, packing smart is all about anticipating your needs and the kinds of activities you’ll be doing.

The Top 20 Things to Leave at Home When Traveling to Maui

We often focus on the essentials we need to bring, but what about the things we should leave behind?

Having a checklist of items not to bring can be as vital as knowing what to pack. It can save you unnecessary stress, added weight in your suitcase, and in some cases, even legal trouble. Let’s dive into our top 20 things that you should definitely leave at home when traveling to Maui.

  1. Heels or Dress Shoes: Maui’s laid-back island vibe means you can leave your fancy footwear at home. Think comfort over style.
  2. Expensive Jewelry: To avoid the risk of losing or damaging your precious items, it’s best to leave them safely at home.
  3. Warm Clothing: With Maui’s tropical climate, heavy clothing items will just take up valuable suitcase space.
  4. Plastic Bags: Maui has banned plastic bags, so leave them at home and bring reusable ones instead.
  5. Non-Reef-Safe Sunscreen: Chemicals in some sunscreens can harm coral reefs. Opt for a reef-safe sunscreen instead.
  6. Harsh Insect Repellent: Like sunscreen, some insect repellents can damage marine life. Choose natural or eco-friendly options.
  7. Disposable Water Bottles: Be environmentally conscious and bring a reusable water bottle instead.
  8. Heavy Books: Save weight and space in your luggage by bringing an e-reader or using a reading app on your tablet.
  9. Jeans: They’re hot, heavy, and slow to dry. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics instead.
  10. Hair Dryer or Curling Iron: Most hotels provide these, and Maui’s humidity might not cooperate with your styling anyway.
  11. Surfboards or Large Sports Equipment: Unless you’re a professional, it’s cheaper and easier to rent these items locally.
  12. Traveler’s Checks: These are outdated and often difficult to cash. Stick to credit cards and a small amount of cash.
  13. Non-Local Fruit or Plants: Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture is strict about what you can bring to protect the local ecosystem.
  14. Drones: These can be illegal in certain areas of Maui, especially near the airports or national parks.
  15. Camouflage Clothing: In some cultures, including Hawaii, only military personnel should wear it.
  16. Extra Towels: Unless you’re camping, your accommodation will likely provide all the towels you need.
  17. Printed Travel Guides: Save some space and download digital versions onto your phone or tablet.
  18. Large Amounts of Cash: It’s safer and more convenient to use cards and withdraw cash as needed.
  19. Heavy Coats or Umbrellas: The climate in Maui is tropical, and while there can be occasional rain showers, they’re typically brief and light. A rain jacket or poncho will usually suffice, and it’s easier to pack.
  20. Stress and Work: You’re on vacation! Leave your work and worries at home and enjoy everything Maui has to offer.

And there you have it! By leaving these items at home, you’ll make your travel experience more enjoyable, hassle-free, and in line with the local customs and environment. Now that you know what not to bring, you’re one step closer to your perfect Maui vacation. Mahalo and happy travels!